From early on in my guitar making career I tried to understand the physics behind the sound production of a guitar, and the more I learned the more complex the whole field became. I have now incorporated a wide range of measurement techniques into my daily workshop routine. As well as tapping, flexing and listening to each piece of wood and guitar part, I also measure their acoustical properties and frequency responses in different building stages.

This allows me to not have to work to specific dimensions, but to target specific masses and frequencies throughout the building process, resulting in a consistent sound quality from one guitar to the next, so a player can know what to expect when ordering one of my instruments.
In addition to relying on my own hearing, I use acoustical measurement techniques such as modal analysis and frequency response functions in order to extensively evaluate the result of experiments or small changes in the construction.

I occasionally venture out of the workshop, and have given several lectures on the subject of acoustical analysis and the research I have done in this area.