The WaveGuide

After a lot of designing, testing, measuring and fiddling around I’m proud to present my latest development: The new WaveGuide feature. The idea is to reach a main air resonance which is below E (82Hz) and thereby increasing the richness of the guitar’s tone by providing a higher fundamental tonal content.

A traditional Tornavoz brings the air resonance frequency down, but it also decreases the efficiency of the resonance greatly, which is counterproductive in most cases.

My WaveGuide design in contrast reduces the frequency without decreasing the efficiency of the resonance, by minimizing loss through turbulence at the edges of the tube / soundhole. I have carefully matched its dimensions to work with the resonances of my guitar.

Carefully choosing the material means I also managed to keep the mass of the waveguide very low, at about 7g, in order to minimize the influence on the top vibrations.

The result is a guitar that has a very rich, deep bass register, which is a great match with my usual clear and strong trebles. You can find a review of one of the first WaveGuide guitars here >